About the festival
The 2014 GAS-Festival was all about the meeting between the art and the audience. About what actually happens within us when experience art in a live setting that we share with other people. It is our belief that these experiences gives us an understanding about what it means to be human today, what it is to be part of a much bigger story where art, in connection with the listener, leaves a mark and set things beyond our daily scope in motion. An experience that gives us a sense of being part of something much bigger.

The main festival was held in Gothenburg on October 15-19 and featured concerts, sound installations, dance performances, lectures and workshops. Musically the festival hosted everything from ear piercing harsh noise to minimalistic sound installations, improv and avant rock, free-form jazz, contemporary classical music, sound art, experimental soundscapes, live electronics and much, much more.

In addition to the main festival, 2014 also saw an extended collaboration on establishing regional GAS nodes that resulted in a mini festival in Trollhättan on March 22 where we hosted concerts in a church, at an art hall and at an artist run performance space. 2014 also featured a GAS showcase during Tallin Music Week where GAS curated a mini festival on March 29 featuring both Swedish and Estonian constellations.

Participating artists
Armada [EE] | Audrey Chen [US] | daRk hOrse [SE] | David Sabel [SE] | Doron Sadja [US/SE] | elephant9 with Reine Fiske [NO/SE] | Gageego! & In:fluence Ensemble [SE] | GGR Betong [SE] | Göteborgs Symfoniker framför Heiner Goebbles [SE] | Heinz Hopf [SE] | Henrik Rylander/Ebbot Lundberg/ JohnnyEssing [SE] | Häikijad [EE] | Johan Jutterström [SE] | Kallerdahl/Berg/Eklund [SE] | Linda Oláh & Giani Caserotto [SE/IT] | Magnus Haglund [SE] | Min/Wu/Xu [CN/US] | Moneeo [SE] | My Hellgren & Lars Carlsson [SE] | Nu Nordic Percussion Ensemble [NO] | Olof Persson Projects [SE] | Patricia Alessandrini [IT] | P.O.P. Psychology of Perception [DE] | Rasmus Borg & Henrik Munkeby Nørsterbø [SE] | Robin Rimbaud aka Scanner [GB] | Song Circus [NO] | Strändernas Svall [SE] | Svensson/Sörling/Svensson [SE] | Una Corda [EE] | Wonka Live [SE]

Festival Organization
Staffan Mossenmark Artistic Director
Staffan Svensson Chief Financial Officer/Artistic Advisor
Anders Hultqvist Project Manager
Dag Rosenqvist/ Producentbyrån Web Officer

Göteborg Art Sounds Board
Staffan Mossenmark Composer and Sound Artist
Staffan Svensson Musician
Anders Hultqvist Composer
Christina Molander Communication and Organization strategist

Financial Aid
Göteborgs Stad
Västra Götalandsregionen
Statens Kulturråd
Helge Ax:son Johnsons fond
Stiftelsen Wilhelm och Martina Lundgrens fond

Göteborg Artist Center (GAC)
3:e Våningen
Nefertiti Jazz Club
Levande Musik
Göteborgs Symfoniker/Konserthuset
Share Music Sweden
Högskolan för Scen och Musik




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