Entropic Pleasures [Delineations (a), version one] (2015)
Chamber ens. (Fl/Picc/A.fl, Cl/Bass cl, Perc, Pi, Vln, Vlc, Comp. sounds)
Disembodied (2012)
Chamber ens. (Fl, Cl, Trb, Vln, Vla, Vlc, CB, Pi, Perc)
String Quartet
Light Winter Light (2007)
Chamber ens. (Fl,, Vln, Vlc, CB, Pi, Perc)
Chaconne - at night, at dawn (2007)
Alto recorder, Trb, Cello
The Pleading of the summer (2005)
Chamber ens. (Fl,, Trb, Vln, Vla, Vlc, Perc, Guitar)
Sorgegondol No.3 (2005)
Flute, Piano, Percussion
Darkness - Composition No 4 (2004)
Quintet; Elec. guit, Trp, perc, Piano, bass
Regen der Schwere (2004)
String Quartet
Rain and after - Composition No 6 (2002)
Flute, Viola, Guitar
Turbulens (2001)
Imp.Ensemble: saxophones, trp, trb, git, bass, keyboard, drums & perc
Apricottrees exist - Composition No 2 (2000)
Two Violins
Among travelling angels - Composition No 3 (1998)
Chamberensemble (fl, B.c, B. trb, 2perc, Pi, Vln, Vla, CB)
Alphabeth - Composition No 1 (1996)
Percussion solo
Glada Änkan (1996)
12 singers & jazz quartet
Within (1995)
French horn + String Quartet
Porcus ex Mater /Morsgrisen (1991)
Tenor + five instruments (Picc, Altosax, Viola, Horn, Bb-B. cl)
A moment in the rosegarden (1989)
Soprano, Mezzosop + Chamberensemble
Movements of distraction (1986)
Wind quintet & String quartet
n´ DOR (1986)
Violin solo
Fågeln i berget (1986)
Cello and Piano